LandMap Vivo

LandMap Vivo 10.2

Online map browser and map creator tool with GPS compatibility

LandMap Vivo is a tool that enables you to create your own maps in true scale. This utility allows you to browse free online maps, store them locally and edit several features regarding scale and GPS functions. It includes Vivo technology that allows you to store online map cache information on your computer for offline viewing. LandMap Vivo has features for calculating areas and other measurements in previously loaded online satellite and road maps, with no need for online tools or further internet connection. This tool imports maps from OpenStreetMap, a large collaborative project that has free maps of the world with edition capabilities. LandMap Vivo has an interesting tool for vector map creating with GPS capabilities from Google Earth. This software allows you to obtain GPS data from GPX and GPS loggers and complement your map projects. You can easily do map vectorization tasks with this application. LandMap Vivo is perfect for people who want to personalize their own maps.